David Sharett started with learning the electrical and plumbing trades first hand and worked his way through every aspect of the construction trade from architecture to excavation, foundations, concrete, wood framing to roofing. His “hands-on” experience allows him to ensure that each aspect of your project will be scrutinized by some who has been there and knows how to make it work right.

"Whether your job requires the largest mobile crane in Israel to install a sophisticated water treatment plant on top of the Technology Park facility or creating the perfect solution for a handicapped access bathroom you can rest assured that from beginning to end all our work will be carried out professionally."


The broader one's understanding of construction is, the better the solution will be. Price can be an indication of one who substitutes quality for lack of knowledge. Too often I have been asked to rebuild another contractor's attempt to find a solution to a task they were incapable of doing. Solutions are the inspirational answers everyone enjoys.

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