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Client Reviews

I highly recommend Sharett Contracting for any work that you need done on your home or business. I had a complete renovation done on my home by Sharett Contracting. Other contractors bid low just to get a job and then add costs later. David is different. What he bids is what it costs!  And when you ask him for advice, his answers will be for your benefit — not his.
He is completely honest and adds nothing to what was bid. Don’t be fooled by other contractor’s low bids — go with David.
Sharett worked with me to produce out-of-the ordinary designs that would fit my families needs such as installation and wiring of special electrical outlets, sliding doors, creation of various built-in closets and shelves, overhead storage, external bathroom sinks, and a laundry room that included some very unique features. He also modified the existing building to use every millimeter of space to fit my floor plan.   The final product is superb!


Aaron J., Raanana, Israel

Sharett Contracting has assisted me with both commercial and residential projects, all of which were completed “on time” and with the utmost quality.  The professionalism with which the projects were approached, designed and executed gave me the confidence for a successful outcome.  The final products were awesome!


D.C. Page

We bought our 3-floor Jerusalem home in Feb. 2010.  Dave and his workers did a fantastic job. Supervised installation of new kitchen, installed new walls, 2nd floor gutted and re-done with custom closets, cabinets, master bath, 3rd floor attic bath added and more. He’s got an American/yekke sensibility and attention to details, and is very honest. Whenever we encountered a snag, Dave’s motto was, “We’ll make it work”, and he did! (Even when we had to deal with less-than-scrupulous material suppliers.) We highly recommend Dave Sharett.


Laura Seton

I have had the pleasure of working with David Sharett on two significant jobs in our home. One was a very difficult and challenging job. I was delighted to work with him. The work itself was done with excellence. The clean-up was always spotless. His ability to oversee workers and their diligence in working for him was impressive. David has my highest recommendation.


Daniel Juster

I would like to recommend Sharett Contracting for all your general contracting needs.  Dave does a professional job on every job he has done, with good communication and better than expected results. From plumbing to electrical to mechanical and structural Dave does the job well! Dave works under the golden rule, to do for others as he would have done for him.

Byron Stinson, Har Homa, Israel


David Sharett’s work is par excellence. Here, in Israel, we consider it the best company for your home and building renovations and repairs. We have utilized David and his crew for both large building construction and private home renovations and give him the highest score possible for a rating. To watch him and his workers from beginning to end, is a marvelous thing as they are organized, each has a great skill in their line of responsibility and there is no mess nor clean up after the job is finished. For a completely enjoyable experience in remodeling or construction, we recommend David Sharett and his construction business in Jerusalem.


Ray and Sharon Sanders, Givat Messoua-

I have used Sharett Contracting for a couple of larger renovation projects and have been completely satisfied with the finished product. David is very easy to work with and is extremely patient and flexible. I fully recommend Sharett Contracting for your next renovation project. It may not be the cheapest but you will have peace of mind that the project will be done right, the first time.


Dozer, Jerusalem

When I needed extra storage it was David Sharett of Sharett Contracting who came to my rescue and solved the problem. I highly recommend David’s work. It was clean and efficient and his presence is more than pleasant.


Sheila Raviv, Jerusalem

We have had David remodel several projects.  What a thorough piece of work he did, much to our satisfaction!  When he gave us advice  he clearly explained what was needed and the options available to get the job done.  We think that you will be pleased and satisfied if you choose David to do your project.


Avi and Leah Brickner, Jerusalem

My husband and I used Dave Sharett and his crew many times for many projects in the last 17 years.  We used him so often that he and his wife became good friends. We  used him for so many different projects like building an extra sun room on an apartment which became the main room of the place, putting up a 30 foot retainer wall on a hill next to our property, covering a garage top and turning it into a beautiful garden patio, turning old kitchens in our rental properties into cute kitchens. We trusted him completely to be in our home and to do an excellent job and then clean it up whether we were at home or not.  Our 3 dogs, at the time, always greeted him as a family friend – because he was.


Midge  Blatt

I hired David for a repair job that demanded a high quality -”perfect” finish. David and his team did an amazing job and left the apartment as clean as they found it.
As a property manager I have overseen the work of dozens of contractors and I HIGHLY recommend David Sharett!


Avi Goldberg, City of Gold

Highly Recommended! Sharett Contracting is reliable, and delivers a custom quality product–no matter how big or small the project. Dave is easy to work with and communicate with and will execute what you want the first time around! and always gives a reliable competitive bid. Very refreshing compared to other contractors we’ve worked with who need to be told a million times what to do, constantly watched, and then add extra fees. Dave is honest and works with integrity!


Sara Williams, Jerusalem

I want to thank you and your crew for the excellent job you have done in replacing the floor in our apartment. We were very impressed with the orderliness that was maintained throughout the project. We especially are thankful for the clean-up job at the end. We will be most happy to recommend your services to anyone you wish to contact us.

 Ray, Jerusalem

We first hired Sharett Contracting to install an “invisible” access panel to our A/C unit in a very conspicuous part of our living room ceiling. The crew arrived on time, installed the panel promptly and professionally and thoroughly cleaned up afterwards. We then asked David to solve a mysterious water leak problem. His crew was able to locate the source of the leak and fix the problem. We would be pleased to recommend David for any of your projects.


Yos Jacobs

We can confidently recommend Dave Sharett for any kind of construction work whether it is from scratch or re-modelling. He just delivers excellent work and the job was done with care and precision. We had our desires and idea’s and therefore during the whole working process he kept us informed.  I think we have an amazing outcome and a work of art. He built for us custom cabinetry, an office with a chestnut wooden desktop and a L-shape ward-robe closet. We enjoy them every day as it is beautiful and practical in use.

Ruth, Arnona

I first heard about Dave Sharett’s exemplary quality before returning to Israel from the USA a couple of years ago, and asked him to help ready my home with me while I prepared for my family to arrive. His crew worked impeccably in tight spaces to complete the work in time for my family to settle right into a comfortably ready situation. We were so impressed that we brought him back for further small improvements after only a couple of months, and again after only a year or so of settling in; and each time the work was timely, clean, of excellent quality, and most recently it so impressed a neighbor that she also asked if he might be available soon. We can’t express a high-enough recommendation.

Dror Shannon

Having had both the privilege and honor to work side by side with David Sharett, I can honestly say there is no one more dedicated or true to what he does than David. David has an eye for detail, and demands excellence from his employees as that is what he intends to deliver to his customers. He always leaves places and people better than when he found them.


C.G. Hill

“Our synagogue had a brief window of days in which to make a significant change in our sanctuary.  David Sharett did excellent work on the project and finished a day early — professional, pleasant and truth worthy.”


Rabbi Adam

I have worked along side Dave for over 15 years on various remodeling projects. He’s a perfectionist, has complete integrity, keeps appointments, and is pleasant to deal with. I’ve also hired him for projects in my own home and will again.


Laurel Sternberg

Dave Sharett, apart from being an artist at what he does, is as honest as the day is long, infinitely pleasant to deal with and a complete mensch. Dave is always reliable and a utter perfectionist in all he does. Dave has done a number of jobs us and has become one of the most beloved visitors to our home. There simply are not enough stars to rate him accordingly. Just know he is a treasure and just about the finest craftsman and contractor in Jerusalem and in Israel.


Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz

Entrusting Sharett Contracting with the renovations in my house was wonderful. A listening ear, good advice, quality work and no short cuts to save themselves money. They went the extra mile so that the finished product was what I wanted.


Nathalie C.

I asked David to oversee a remodeling project in a home that I manage. I have been in construction all my life and David is the nicest, calmest, knowledgeable, and organized contractor I have met. He doesn’t get upset at problems , he just solves them. He gave us great wisdom in steering us in the right direction when making decisions for our project.. He has a lot of patience . David was truly a blessing from God. We thank God for him. I totally recommend hiring David and his company to do your construction or remodeling job.


Donald Lindenberger, Pizgat Zeev

Sharett Contracting recently did some minor renovations in our home, and my wife and I are very pleased with the results. The workers were efficient and careful to clean up after a day’s work. Recommended!


David Newman

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